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A Sangoma (African Shaman) is a traditional healer from South Africa who uses knowledge that has been passed down for centuries from Sangoma to Sangoma. Today we can bring this knowledge to better our life in our stressful, fast paced, culture. These practices speak to our inner core instincts and help us return into our conscious control. Bringing a peace and calm that is as relevant today as it was on the planes of South Africa hundreds of years ago.

We can help if you are feeling confused with low energy, stressed, depressed, anxious, going through a difficult transition, feeling stuck in a rut, been through trauma, feeling like life is out of control – these are not new problems but are happening more frequently in newer times. Working with Gentle Warrior we can, using the knowledge and cultural remedies of our tribes, benefit your physical and spiritual well being and make you complete again. Of great comfort can be joining our “Tribe” and as a “Tribe” there will be support and nurturing into the future.

Hi, Camagu

Hello my name is Janine (ZaneThongo) and I am the only Sangoma in Ireland affiliated with both the Zulu and Xhosa Tribes. Please watch my welcome video and allow me to help make a change for the better in your life.

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I had an ongoing subliminal issue that I wasn’t able to figure out nor had come up for healing with other healers. I knew intuitively Janine was a good healer before I met her. I found her very empathic to my needs throughout the healing process almost like she was reading my mind, she was very gentle with me which is what I needed at the time and I shifted a lot of old stuff from the session that I believe I wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere. I would highly recommend her. Good healers are few and far between.

Working with a Sangoma

Learning with a Sangoma