Janine’s Journey to ZaneThongo


Enjoy navigating my website and getting to know a little about me, what I do and how I can help you.

Janine is South African born and grew up in Cape Town during apartheid where mixing of cultures was illegal. Throughout her life she knew she was different, but it took many years for her to find out who she truly was. It was in Ireland through her Shamanic studies that the Zulus surrounded her, wrapped her in beads and awoken her Sangoma calling. A Sangomas calling is strong and leads to many illnesses that can’t be diagnosed by Western Doctors. The only cure was for her to take a giant leap of faith, return home, find her Zulu Tribe in the Townships of Cape Town and start her initiations. She was initiated as ZanaThongo and every year Janine returns home to join the Tribe in ceremonies and continued learning with her Ancestors. This life-long commitment of growth has led her to a Xhosa Tribe which has adopted and initiated her as a Prophet. She is blessed to be have the Ancestors of both these strong lineages guiding her.

Since teenage hood Janine suffered with womb, ovary and menstrual cycle issues. Along her healing journey she realised many women reaching out to her for help with similar issues and she found herself being initiated as the first Moon Mother in Republic of Ireland by Miranda Grey. This sacred feminine work has healed many aspects in her own life (including 2 miscarriages in 1 year) as well of those of the many women that she works with.

She is a believer that everybody is born with intuition and certifies healers to spread the word and help others. Her added passion is teaching clients how to understand their own unique energy and how to create a healthy relationship with their Ancestors (Guides) and themselves (Intuition) to flow courageously in life.

She currently lives in Ireland with her Irish husband who is very supportive and understanding of her journey, her connection to her Ancestors and the work she has been gifted to do.   In 2018 they were “married” in ceremony by her Zulu Tribe where both their Ancestors where united to work together for their sacred union. In 2021 they were legally married in Sligo Ireland and the following day they had their Irish Handfasting ceremony to tie the knot. William is a big part of the Gentle Warrior journey and the work of the Ancestors. This union has led to an awakening of the Celtic traditions within Janine which is still playing out on her journey.

Working with a Sangoma

Learning with a Sangoma