Sangomas have a deep belief in their traditional customs and indigenous belief systems. Our culture performs many different ceremonies to honour our Ancestors, request healing from specific Ancestors for different ailments, mark life changes and for rites of passage (such as naming ceremonies).

Both the Zulu and the Xhosa Tribes work with the Ancestors of the seas, rivers, bushes, mountains and caves. Each Ancestor holds specific powers that are called on for healing.

Ideally ceremonies are in-person appointments, but in some situations (upon assessment) distance sessions can take place.

Book a Ancestor Healing Ceremony: cost upon request (tailor made to Ancestors request)

Book a Baby Naming Ceremony: cost upon request (tailor made to Ancestors request)

My Own Experience

Hello my name is Janine (ZaneThongo) and I am the only Sangoma in Ireland affiliated with both the Zulu and Xhosa Tribes. Please watch my welcome video and allow me to help make a change for the better in your life.

Working with a Sangoma

Learning with a Sangoma