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This is a recording from a live zoom event

For those of you that know me or have worked with me over the years, you would have heard me often speaking about the Dragons. The Dragons have always been here with us, but many were in slumber. With this ascension wave that’s been taking place and effects of humanity’s increase in consciousness, they are now rising and gathering in abundance to play their part in helping humanity and Mother Earth.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

This makes it that they are even more accessible to us to work with.They are a very strong link between Mother Earth and Father Sky (creating great balance for us), they are our Protectors and our Guides. They link the new earth’s energy to ours, which in turn, helps us with the ongoing ascension process.

I was sitting in my garden at 5am with my ceremonial cup of cacao (as I do daily) and I called on the Dragons that I am currently working with. Within a few minutes they showed me what part I can play in connecting you to them. This 5 week course was birthed in front of my eyes in such detail, I had to down my cacao to rush inside and write it all down.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

And so here it is, the Dragons * Intuition where we work with the Dragons, this time, to deepen our intuition. It’s simple really, the Dragons with all their gifts are perfect to help us with embodiment, which connects us to our hearts easier, which aids in trusting our abilities and opens us up to receiving our messages and guidance.

In the 5 weeks we will connect with a minimum of 8 Dragons and cover:

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 5 x Healing Shamanic Journeys / Actrivations
  • Discover and work with 8 Dragons (including your own)
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme
  • Sit in sacredness with the Gentle Warrior Tribe