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Welcome to the Intuitive Living online program, where you will you not only be guided on how to live intuitively, but you have the opportunity of actually doing and implementing your training.

I have channelled this program as many of my clients and Tribe Members keep asking me how I am so connected to my Ancestors and my Intuition.  How my guidance from them is so clear and how I trust them so freely.  They are intrigued by the amount of challenges I receive from them, how my feet barely touch the ground, but how I continue forward and grow even stronger.

Yes I go through challenges and spiritual illnesses just like everybody else, but its how I deal with them that may make a difference. 

It was obvious this program is very much needed so I started my journey with my Ancestors, using their guidance to birth this course.  For them it was important it’s relevant for people of all spiritual levels, whether awakening or ascending, whether practicing light workers or keen to start their own magic journey.

The Intuitive Living program is designed around the way I live my life day to day, based on my very own practices to keep me high vibrational and connected to myself and my Ancestors.

This program will cover how to shift to and live a High Vibrational Life as if you are not you can’t easily communicate to high vibrational beings such as your higher self and Ancestors. 

It will show you how to strengthen your Inner Bond (your Intuition).  If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust your Ancestors and guides for accurate messages? 

Then you are ready to build on your Relationship with your Ancestors to receive their blessings and guidance and to work with them from a level of trust.  What kind of relationship you have with them is important, they don’t take likely to only being called on when in need – neither would your friends or partner. 

Lastly we look at The Tribe, those that support you for exactly who you are.  These awakenings and ascensions are hard when you are going solo.