Intuitive Healing ( Sangoma Healing)

Janine is a Sangoma (African Shaman) and Prophet trained in the Zulu and Xhosa traditions.  She channels “Amadlozi” (ancestral spiritual guides) who bring their healing power to each session.  Each session varies depending on what the Ancestors show the client’s needs are.

This is different to what you may have experienced in western healings as here Janine uses Mphepho to connect to the Ancestors and sits bare feet on the floor in her Sangoma gear to honour her Ancestors.  Through chanting and ceremony she calls on the Ancestors and her Prophet for guidance.

Healings can include trauma release, spiritual cleansing, energy work, extractions, ancestral work and healing, soul retrieval, clearing spiritual teams, inner child work, emotional release, and much more. No two healing sessions are the same as they are tailored around the clients energy and their Ancestors guidance.

Before you even connect with Janine in your session, she would have already connected to Amadlozi that morning to establish why you are coming for guidance.  The soul reason for the session.  She does this by requesting they pull a card and then she journeys with the soul of the client to see what the deeper message is for the pulling of that card.

Working with us could help you if you are feeling

  • confused / foggy with low energy (stressed, depressed, anxious)

  • going through a transition

  • feeling stuck

  • been through trauma

  • feeling like life is out of control

  • Needing a clear foundation to be laid in order to have a fresh energy take the next steps

  • Wanting an understanding of your energy and how to maintain it

  • Want to avoid any of the above by staying on top of your energy

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We can provide the tools you need to walk through this period in your life with the options of online or face to face sessions, wisdom teachings, ceremonies, joining our Tribe and a series of online courses.

Appointments last up to an hour and can be done via Zoom or in person.  Tailor made sessions are available to include bulk bookings at a discounted rate.

Ready to take the next step?

Intuitive Healing Consultation: €90

Intuitive Healing & Bone Reading Consultation (1.5 hour session): €150

Have your questions answered in this video demistifying Gentle Warrior

  • What is a Sangoma and Prophet?
  • Would I benefit from a Bone Reading, a Healing or both?
  • What exactly happens in a Gentle Warrior Session?
  • What makes Janine different and would a session be right for me?

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I’ve had the pleasure of having an intuitive healing, a womb healing and two bone readings with Janine. She’s a gifted healer and her readings are accurate and insightful – her advice helped me navigate many obstacles, both material and spiritual. I always look forward to her workshops and am a regular at the Monday meditations which I would highly recommend to anyone regardless of where they are on their path. She’s inspired me to live courageously and I’m grateful to my ancestors for guiding me to her.

Working with a Sangoma

Learning with a Sangoma


Have your questions answered in this video demistifying Gentle Warrior


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