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I received a reading and healing session recently from Gentle Warrior. It  was very powerful, and her insights about me were spot on.  Together we cleared a trauma that had happened to me 31 years ago. This trauma had been in my body for all those years, and as a result I’d had a feeling of discomfort that was always running in the background. The healing has helped me to come back into my body and be aware of it from the inside out. Connecting my body in this way has led me to discover an enjoyable way to continue the healing and to listen to what my body needs.  I am now being drawn to movement, dance, stretching and self massage.  I put on my favourite music and follow where my intuition leads me. I spend 1-2 hours a day on this. It is the first workout that I can really enjoy. My muscles really feel it afterwards!  My figure is improving at a rapid rate now, and my posture has dramatically improved.  The old me never liked to dance. I used to feel embarrassed, awkward and uncomfortable. Anyone who knew the old me would have noticed. But now I feel like a goddess!

I am so grateful that I discovered the right person at the right time, to help me jump onto the best possible trajectory for my dream life.

Thank you Janine!


I had an ongoing subliminal issue that I wasn’t able to figure out nor had come up for healing with other healers. I knew intuitively Janine was a good healer before I met her. I found her very empathic to my needs throughout the healing process almost like she was reading my mind, she was very gentle with me which is what I needed at the time and I shifted a lot of old stuff from the session that I believe I wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere. I would highly recommend her. Good healers are few and far between.

I felt very drawn to her nurturing and humble energy. At the time I was going through some difficult times discovering myself on this spiritual path and I felt alone. She worked on my sacral and heart Chakra and helped to clear the block energy that was holding me back from my female empowerment, creativity and happiness. I lay there as she worked closing knowing exactly what was going on with my body, I never felt energy move they she made it move like rippling water flooding up through my body and I could feel my chakras vibrate and the blockages were moving. She made me feel very comfortable and she provided me with heart-warming advice. It was like I knew her along time as she knew what I needed to move forward in my spiritual path. I was tired for a few days after the session but then I received a burst of energy and power and for the first time in 3 year I began drawing again. I go to her for many healing sessions as she is my nurturing mother bear. If you have not had the wonderful opportunity to meet or work with Janine I would highly recommend her.


I went to Janine in a time of uncertainty, when I needed help to clear my mind and get control over your life again. How to describe the good they did? Janine was very professional and compassionate, and together we untangled the mess in my head. I felt like I was discovering how my brain worked, and most importantly, how to regain control of it: how to break downwards spirals of negative thoughts, how to overcome obstacles that seem impossible… That weekend of work with Janine was really the key moment where I got my life back on track! At the end of each sessions, I felt cleansed, well-balanced and relaxed, ready to take on the world!
Janine really helped me clear my head and calm my anxiety, and I can only recommend her for anyone who needs a bit of help to figure things out, or needs a bit of “me time” to focus on their priorities and desires. You won’t regret it!


I took part in the intuitive healer’s course when Janine ran it back in 2017/18. It was such a good decision. Janine is a fantastic teacher. I learned techniques to use both on myself and on clients, family and friends. The knowledge I gained has been invaluable on my spiritual journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and methods of healing I acquired, and looked forward to each weekend of the course. I cannot fault it. I highly recommend ?


Highly highly recommend Janine. I first came into contact with Janine about three years ago when she did a distance energy reading on me having only my name. It amazed me how accurate it was, having not met me or even spoken to me.. Since then I’ve had several one to one healings and readings which have got me through some difficult time’s and put me in the right direction. Janine has helped me in so many ways I can’t thank her enough and has since become I’m happy to say a great friend..


I’ve had the pleasure of having an intuitive healing, a womb healing and two bone readings with Janine. She’s a gifted healer and her readings are accurate and insightful – her advice helping me navigate many obstacles, both material and spiritual. I always look forward to her workshops and am a regular at the Monday meditations which I would highly recommend to anyone regardless of where they are on their path. She’s inspired me to live courageously and I’m grateful to my ancestors for guiding me to her.


I was fortunate enough to have a Bone reading from Sangoma Janine and all I can say is that it was spot on. I have had many readings in the past and I can honestly say that nothing has compared to the accuracy of the reading I had from Janine. If you get the opportunity please, please get a reading from her, you will not be disappointed.


She’s an Earth Mother for sure. Gentle & gives you space for your own journey. I learned a lot today. Thank you.


Janine is a gifted healer and teacher. I’m eternally grateful we met and always look forward to her workshops. Highly recommend


Janine is an amazing person with beautiful gifts. She’s very knowledgeable and has advice for all problems. Her positive energy shines through! Thank you so much Gentle Warrior for the sessions and meditation. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon


The power of a womb blessing is something so beautiful, I have never experienced before. It harnesses the energy from mother earth and the moon. There is a great inner peace that has come with this blessing. The connection that Janine has with this energy is compelling. It has awakened the femininity within me, I highly recommend this blessing to all women”

Gentle Warrior has a warrior heart of gold! I love her energy and dedication to her work and I always feel a shift after one of her healings

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