Wisdom Teachings

One of my missions is to provide Wisdom Teachings by speaking the words of the Ancestors. Especially now with the new world energies emerging from 2020, not only are many awakening, but many that are already awoken have deep memories in their magick stirring and starting to develop at a faster rate. This can lead to the same “illness” feeling that an awakening presents.

To help align you faster to flow in this new energy the Ancestors have requested :

  • show you how to move through the awakenings and accelerations;
  • provide magick tools for you help yourself and/or your clients;
  • start guiding the parents on ways to raise the children mindfully;
  • expand our Tribe to provide a safe place where we learn and grow together and support each other. We do this with keeping to the ancient ways of Ubuntu (a Zulu word meaning Humanity)

Intuitive Living

This program is designed to help you through your awakening as well as the accelerated development for those already awake.  Regardless of which stage of growth and spirituality you are

at, many will be experiencing similar awakening and growth spurt symptoms and “illnesses”.

The Intuitive Living program will teach you to live a high vibrational life, if you are not high vibrational you can’t easily connect and communicate to high vibrational beings (including your own higher self).

It will show you tools and techniques on how to trust yourself by learning to tune into, activate, trust and develop your intuition.  There is an African Proverb “an untouched drum doesn’t speak”, to me this reflects on expecting to receive answers and directions, but not tapping in and trusting your own intuition.  My philosophy is that everybody is born with intuition but as we grow we are influenced by society and other external (and sometimes internal) factors that convince us otherwise.  The suppression of this intuition leads us to a state feeling lost and in many cases inability to function and run our own lives (prevents of from standing in our courage and strength).  Even making basic decisions can be hard.

Learn the wisdom of the Ancestors, those that walked before us.  I’m often asked how I speak the words of the Ancestors, my answer is simple:  I have a very tight bond, a relationship and mutual respect with them.  In this module you will learn how to build a bond with them, as like any relationship if you don’t work at it the relationship is one sided and that won’t work.  You will learn how to grow with and trust your Ancestors, your Spirit Team.

Candle & Wool Magick

The Candle Magick teaching follows the African methods of understanding the laws of practice, candle colours, candle magick practice for yourself and your clients and reading

the flames.

Candle magick easy to learn but powerful tool as it harnesses the power of fire (the element of transformation to bring in change). You only have to think about how fire brings in change by lighting up the dark, warming up the cold and transforming wood, bones and leave to ash.

The Wool Magick teaching follows the African methods of understanding the laws of practice, wool colours and wool magick practice for yourself and your clients.

The ancient traditional practice of weaving and braiding have been important aspects within magickal craft and ceremony. From the moment you start to braid the wool you are adding the spells and creating your magick. The wool bracelet is then worn for protection, for healing, for connection to the Ancestors and for pregnancy.

The method of braiding itself is a fantastic way of allowing your mind to relax.

Mindful Parenting

Mindfulness is widely considered as effective treatment for adults, children, and adolescents with aggression, ADHD, Autism, or mental health problems such as anxiety.

Mindfulness helps children to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and actions which helps them to make better choices for themselves and others. It teaches them how their brain works and the importance of self-regulation showing they are in control of themselves and their actions.

This workshop provides the space and time for you as the parent to develop your own awareness of your strengths, challenges, triggers and improvements. Furthermore, you get to connect with other parents in a non-judgemental environment providing support to each other. At the end of the day you will come away with a better understanding of self, techniques to develop yourself and your children, coping with more challenging times and a better appreciation of self.

This workshop is also open to all who care for children, including parents, grandparents and child care workers.

Through mindfulness we are able to teach children:

• OK to feel what you are feeling
• What you feel inside affects what you feel outside (our thoughts and emotions affect our body)
• Teaching children coping tools and mechanisms
• Help parents to relate to their children in challenging times

It has many benefits for children, such as:

• How to focus on the present and ignore distractions.
• How to regulate emotions
• How to react to situations
• Set’s kids up for success by creating good habits for the future.
• Helps with social anxiety by promoting happiness
• Positive changes to the brain like cognitive control, memory improvement, cognitive flexibility and improvement in grades
• Understand their thoughts and emotions
• Understand the impact their emotions and thoughts have on their mind and body
• Helps cultivate positive states and self-love
• Reduce stress by staying calm in life’s stressful times
• Feel compassion and empathy

In this workshop we will cover:

• Parents Self-Practice
• The Busy Mind
• Expressing Emotions
• Breathing Techniques
• Mindfulness Activities
• Sensory Anchors
• Mindful Movements
• Resources