Bone Reading ( African Divination, Messages from the Ancestors )

Janine is a Sangoma (African Shaman) and Prophet trained in the Zulu and Xhosa traditions. She works closely with both of these strong spiritual lineages as well as her parent’s lineage to provide a Bone Reading consultation.

The throwing of the bones is a traditional African divination technique whereby Janine connects to hers and the clients Ancestors (Amadlozi) in ceremony to pass on their messages of guidance.

This is different to what you may have experienced in western readings as here Janine uses Mphepho to connect to the Ancestors and sits bare feet on the floor in her Sangoma gear to honour her Ancestors. Through chanting and ceremony she calls on the Ancestors for guidance.

The “bones” are shells, stones and other sacred objects gifted by her Ancestors.

When thrown they reveal the bigger picture of the clients life:

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationship

  • Home

  • Work

  • Energy

  • Additional Ancestor Messages

….. and give guidance as to which direction to take and what the main focus is to get the client back on track. She looks at emotional, mental and physical blockages that may be preventing the client from moving forward and taking next steps.

Clients are given work to do at home to keep them on track and it is their responsibility to follow this “treatment” to further their growth as their Ancestors have so requested.

Appointments last up to an hour and can be done via zoom or in person. Tailor made sessions are available where a client prefers a double session to include a healing or an option for a reading with a bit of healing. This allows a session to include direction (from the reading) and the foundation to be laid with the energy to take the next steps (from the healing).

Contact Us For An Appointment:

Bone Reading Consultation: €70

Bone Reading & Healing Consultation (1.5 hour session): €150

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I was fortunate enough to have a Bone reading from Sangoma Janine and all I can say is that it was spot on. I have had many readings in the past and I can honestly say that nothing has compared to the accuracy of the reading I had from Janine. If you get the opportunity please, please get a reading from her, you will not be disappointed.

Working with a Sangoma

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