A Deeper Connection

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This is a recording from a live zoom event

Connection of some shape and form is something most humans require, it’s part of our basic needs and yet it’s something that most struggle with across some aspects of their spiritual practice.  On top of that we find ourselves in a world where connection is now limited and that dampens our other connection aspects too.


It’s time we ensure we are still using Connection as without it we feel unsafe / unstable, we lose our guidance and our paths are skewed.  We struggle to take ownership for our own lives and find the courage to walk our paths to grab our opportunities.  And if that’s not enough we may form barriers around our hearts that cause us to struggle with connecting to others and share our beautiful magick that we hold.

I’ve channeled this event / program to help you deepen your connection with the …

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 5 x Healing Shamanic Journeys
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme (4 direct messages)

By deepening your connection you are better placed to:

  • Clear and heal your energy helping with ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  • Be open and receive guidance, our blessings and have an open path available to us as it’s seen through any fog
  • Feel stable and safe in our body and energy helping us to take ownership for ourselves and giving us courage to walk on our paths holding our opportunities
  • Feel  safe and able to connect to others to share your magick