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Exploring Trauma… Through the Dragon’s Medicine Wheel…

There is a misconception of what Trauma is.  Many think it’s caused by only major events (e.g. war, assault, car accident, etc.).  In fact it is any event that is more than what we are able to cope with and causes disruption in the way we function emotionally.  These types of events are not really life-threatening they are more ego-threatening (causing a feeling of helplessness in that circumstance).

Janine (Gentle Warrior)


The thing is these more ego-driven traumas are overlooked by the person experiencing them.  They may compare them to life-threatening traumas and think they are overreacting.  Some may not even recognise how the impact the event had on them, causing them to not even realise they are sitting within trauma (or the extent of it).

When we are sitting in trauma (i.e. when trauma hasn’t found completion out of our body and is stuck in our nervous system), we are unable to cognitively choose how to react to situations as the reaction comes from the nervous system / our body.  And our body usually choses to respond to challenging situations in a survival response (e.g. fight or flight, freeze response).  This is because our body / nervous system believes we are still sitting in the danger from the traumatic event.



Common trauma symptoms (each person will deal with trauma differently):

It’s normal and healthy to experience symptoms after trauma, but in some instances these symptoms can become severe which may last months or years.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

Why explore trauma through the Dragon’s Medicine Wheel?

They are a very strong link between Mother Earth and Father Sky (creating great balance for us), they are our Protectors and our Guides. They link the new earth’s energy to ours, which in turn, helps us process our traumas, emotions and lessons. The Dragons with all their gifts are perfect to help us with embodiment, which connects us to our hearts easier, which aids in feeling safe to do this work.

How exploring trauma in the 4 sessions could benefit you:

By taking part in this program you will enjoy:


  •  4 x Healing Shamanic Journeys
  •  Learn from the teachings of myself (Sangoma), the Dragons and my training in trauma
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme
  • Work with 4 Dragons
  • Sit in sacredness with the Gentle Warrior Tribe