Conscious Living

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Conscious Living

This is a recording from a live zoom event

Every single client I am working with, colleague I am chatting to, friend and family I am catching up with are expressing how they feel surrounded by fear and uncertainty and how many of them are struggling to find stability and faith through it.

… Janine (Gentle Warrior)

Many are facing illusions that are playing out in virtually every aspect of their lives. These mirrors reflect these stories back to us no matter where we look or try to hide. We are all standing in a collective shadow at the moment which is surrounding us with fear and uncertainty.

On top of that we are being called to shine our light in this shadow, to face the fears and uncertainty and the illusions in order to move forward. We are being called to be in a state of being and not to wait to get through these challenges before finding joy. We are being called to find joy whilst going through all of this and have faith and move forward even though we can’t see the bigger picture.

To navigate through this we need to be in a state of presence and we need to be fully engaged in our bodies. to achieve that we need to be living consciously in our lives.

I’m aware this is easier said than done, which is why in this 5 week program we explore methods and resources to help us accomplish this.


To aid with living consciously we delve deeply into these main elements, but each week there are extra gems that come up in the group discussions:

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 4 x Healing Shamanic Journeys
  • 1 x Activation
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme