FREE Solo Drumming for Shamanic Journeys

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10 minutes of powerful shamanic drumming with introduction beat, drumming and call back signal to enter trance on your Shamanic journey. Headphones are strongly recommended for this video.

Gentle Warrior

The solo drumming is not music, but holds the power of the drumbeat to take you on a deep shamanic healing trance. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t achieve a journey the first time round, it may take practice.

A few tips to help you on your journey:

  • Use headphones
  • Don’t journey if you have taken mind-altering substances or alcohol
  • Lie down or sit comfortably in a dimly lit or dark room and ensure your mobile phone won’t disrupt you
  • If you are drawn to, light a candle and call on your Ancestors and Guides in heaven that love know and respect you only
  • Set your intent for your journey
  • Adjust the drumming volume so that it’s loud enough as if a drum was beating live a few feet from you, but not too loud that it’s uncomfortable
  • In your minds eye see, feel or just know that you are in your sacred space – a place you have been to before or one that has just appeared now
  • Take a few deep and slow breaths
  • Keep a journal of your experiences at the end of the journey
  • At the end of the journey the drum beat will change, will slow down, signaling you to return to the room

Don’t play this recording in a moving vehicle, while operating heavy machinery, or if you have epileptic tendencies.