The Ancestors & You

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This workshop was created during the most auspicious time of year Samhain, when the veils are thin and the ancestral magic overflows. 

It’s being crafted as a practical guide with traditional teachings, muti (herbs) rituals and ceremonies to connect you at a deeper level with your Ancestors so you may heal and grow together.

It’s arisen to challenge what you think you know about working and walking with them. To break the mold, go beyond the frustrations for a stronger connection to open up communication and reclaim your wisdom and gifts.

Janine, Gentle Warrior

Every person has wise and loving ancestors they can learn to call upon for support, guidance and healing.  But many don’t fully understand how to have a healthy relationship with them, as well as having too many Ancestors around them all requesting different things.  It may even be that new Ancestors are trying to come in to support you, but are not able to grab your attention.  As you grow and change so do your Ancestors and your Spirit Team.

In this present moment you are carrying the legacy of both the gifts and burdens of those that came before you (you’re Ancestors).  How you consciously or unconsciously carry these into your future may impact all aspects of your life.  By healing your relationship with your Ancestors you are able to shift the patterns of your ingrained conditioning, start healing yourself and choose a new way to move forward together.

By using ancient African rituals and ceremonies to connect stronger with your Ancestors you are able to have deeper communication with them and to reclaim the wisdom and gifts of your lineages.