Expansion (Moving alongside Uncertainty)

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This is a recording from a live zoom event

I’m not ashamed to say that I have anxiety.  During my darkest moment I begged for medication, anything for relief, but after several attempts the Dr told me my body doesn’t want medication, it constantly rejected it leaving me very ill.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

I had no choice, but to dig deep and work alongside my Ancestors to find alternative methods to help me cope with anxiety as it was starting to limit me.

You see, when we get stressed, anxious, depressed, hit trauma, etc. our energy contracts.  From this place of contraction we are no longer connected to ourselves.  We are sitting in fear which triggers uncertainty, which loops back to ramping up our stress levels.

From this point we start getting sick, not just heightened mental health, but it starts leading to physical issues within us too.  From here we are not coping or functioning and any small task we do consumes whatever energy we have left. 

And so this vicious circle loops over and over again within us.  Until we get to the point of exhaustion, burn out and not being able to truly see a way out.

That is why this program took me longer to create than my others. 

I had to try and test this over and over again to find all the magick ingredients that finally birthed EXPANSION.  And through this I’m finally able to move alongside uncertainty, not try and change it or fight it, but steadily started to get somewhere again.

In this program we will explore: