Sangoma Candle Magick Training

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This teaching follows the traditional African methods of understanding the laws of practice, candle colours, candle magick practice for yourself and your clients and reading the flames.

Candle magick is easy to learn but a powerful tool as it harnesses the power of fire (the element of transformation to bring in change). You only have to think about how fire brings in change by lighting up the dark, warming up the cold and transforming wood, bones and leaves to ash.

You don’t need to be a healer for this training. This can be used on yourself, your friends and your family…. If you are a healer, this is a brilliant modality to help your clients too.

We are deep in a time where we are needing to pull together powerful resources to aid us in:

In this training you will explore:

You will receive & experience:

  • Shamanic healing journey, blessing & candle magick initiation
  • Work wtih a traditional initiated Sangoma from both Zulu & Xhosa tribes
  • Whatever healing the candle offers to you
  • Anything else the Ancestors may raise

Important to Note: This course is not training you to become a Sangoma, it is training you to use the Candle Magick only.

Janine, Gentle Warrior Sangoma