Mar 27 2023


7:00 pm

Wellbeing Practice, Tools & Support for Challenging Times (part 1)

This is something I’ve NEVER done before & probably WON’T do again, but it’s ABSOLUTELY needed at the moment!


I was BLOWN AWAY when the Ancestors revealed how we can be of service to YOU this month. ​ And it’s so beautifully simple – it’s exactly what I’m doing DAILY to support myself. ​ Because, let’s be honest, most of us are going through some drastic changes and having to face some big fears and CHALLENGES.



We gather online on Monday 27th Mar @7pm for about an hour or so where I will share some simple but powerful techniques and we practice together.

2.  TOOLS: ​

You get to choose 1 of any of the existing Gentle Warrior Online Programs ranging from €50 – €122 for absolutely FREE
Check out all our programs here: ​

3.  SUPPORT: ​

We gather again online on Thursday 30th Mar @7pm for about an hour or so where we catch up on your progress and enjoy a Shamanic Drum Journey together.


It’s ALL for only €99 – I know I really can’t believe it either, but that’s what the Ancestors want and I agree with them – this is what’s needed!

To REGISTER contact Janine on +353 (0) 877209922 or email



What better a way for US to be of service to YOU, then practicing, sharing tools and supporting you exactly the same way I’m doing it myself? ​ And better yet – it’s proven methods that are working for myself and my clients.

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