Ask your Intuition

This course was channelled and birthed during the energy of the Solar Eclipse.  It was shown to me as never before have we needed to trust ourselves (our intuition) and follow our own compass.

Gentle Warrior

Many are looking externally and following too many influencers, etc. for answers, but this leads to confusion and conflicting information.

and are tired of hearing “the answers are within”. The

You may be tired of hearing “the answers are within you”, but it’s true and the only thing you are missing is HOW TO UNLOCK THAT WISDOM.  That is what I’m going to share with you and we will practice together.

I will teach you protocols and with my guidance you will practice receiving answers.  We will cover:

* Intuition Fundamentals (your protocols)

* Intuition Boosters (enhancing your intuition)

* Intuitive Guidance and Answers

These are methods and protocols that I personally use to communicate successfully with my Intuition. 

Gentle Warrior

In your Dreams

Dreams are a doorway that we can move through to gain access to messages from our Ancestors and our authentic selves.  By learning how to access and understand these dreams, we gain the keys to being able to receive these messages, receive direction in our lives and better understand ourselves and our purpose. As you explore your dreams, you will gain deeper connection between yourself and your Ancestors. .

One of my dreams, is to REVIVE the indigenous protocols so you too may correctly and safely travel between the realities to meet and learn from your authentic self and your Ancestors.


The Ancestors & You

This workshop was created during the most auspicious time of year Samhain, when the veils are thin and the ancestral magic overflows. 

It’s being crafted as a practical guide with traditional teachings, muti (herbs) rituals and ceremonies to connect you at a deeper level with your Ancestors so you may heal and grow together.

It’s arisen to challenge what you think you know about working and walking with them. To break the mold, go beyond the frustrations for a stronger connection to open up communication and reclaim your wisdom and gifts.

Janine, Gentle Warrior

Every person has wise and loving ancestors they can learn to call upon for support, guidance and healing.  But many don’t fully understand how to have a healthy relationship with them, as well as having too many Ancestors around them all requesting different things.  It may even be that new Ancestors are trying to come in to support you, but are not able to grab your attention.  As you grow and change so do your Ancestors and your Spirit Team.

In this present moment you are carrying the legacy of both the gifts and burdens of those that came before you (you’re Ancestors).  How you consciously or unconsciously carry these into your future may impact all aspects of your life.  By healing your relationship with your Ancestors you are able to shift the patterns of your ingrained conditioning, start healing yourself and choose a new way to move forward together.

By using ancient African rituals and ceremonies to connect stronger with your Ancestors you are able to have deeper communication with them and to reclaim the wisdom and gifts of your lineages.

Expansion (Moving alongside Uncertainty)

This is a recording from a live zoom event

I’m not ashamed to say that I have anxiety.  During my darkest moment I begged for medication, anything for relief, but after several attempts the Dr told me my body doesn’t want medication, it constantly rejected it leaving me very ill.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

I had no choice, but to dig deep and work alongside my Ancestors to find alternative methods to help me cope with anxiety as it was starting to limit me.

You see, when we get stressed, anxious, depressed, hit trauma, etc. our energy contracts.  From this place of contraction we are no longer connected to ourselves.  We are sitting in fear which triggers uncertainty, which loops back to ramping up our stress levels.

From this point we start getting sick, not just heightened mental health, but it starts leading to physical issues within us too.  From here we are not coping or functioning and any small task we do consumes whatever energy we have left. 

And so this vicious circle loops over and over again within us.  Until we get to the point of exhaustion, burn out and not being able to truly see a way out.

That is why this program took me longer to create than my others. 

I had to try and test this over and over again to find all the magick ingredients that finally birthed EXPANSION.  And through this I’m finally able to move alongside uncertainty, not try and change it or fight it, but steadily started to get somewhere again.

In this program we will explore:

Sangoma Candle Magick Training

This teaching follows the traditional African methods of understanding the laws of practice, candle colours, candle magick practice for yourself and your clients and reading the flames.

Candle magick is easy to learn but a powerful tool as it harnesses the power of fire (the element of transformation to bring in change). You only have to think about how fire brings in change by lighting up the dark, warming up the cold and transforming wood, bones and leaves to ash.

You don’t need to be a healer for this training. This can be used on yourself, your friends and your family…. If you are a healer, this is a brilliant modality to help your clients too.

We are deep in a time where we are needing to pull together powerful resources to aid us in:

In this training you will explore:

You will receive & experience:

  • Shamanic healing journey, blessing & candle magick initiation
  • Work wtih a traditional initiated Sangoma from both Zulu & Xhosa tribes
  • Whatever healing the candle offers to you
  • Anything else the Ancestors may raise

Important to Note: This course is not training you to become a Sangoma, it is training you to use the Candle Magick only.

Janine, Gentle Warrior Sangoma

Dragons * Intuition

This is a recording from a live zoom event

For those of you that know me or have worked with me over the years, you would have heard me often speaking about the Dragons. The Dragons have always been here with us, but many were in slumber. With this ascension wave that’s been taking place and effects of humanity’s increase in consciousness, they are now rising and gathering in abundance to play their part in helping humanity and Mother Earth.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

This makes it that they are even more accessible to us to work with.They are a very strong link between Mother Earth and Father Sky (creating great balance for us), they are our Protectors and our Guides. They link the new earth’s energy to ours, which in turn, helps us with the ongoing ascension process.

I was sitting in my garden at 5am with my ceremonial cup of cacao (as I do daily) and I called on the Dragons that I am currently working with. Within a few minutes they showed me what part I can play in connecting you to them. This 5 week course was birthed in front of my eyes in such detail, I had to down my cacao to rush inside and write it all down.

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

And so here it is, the Dragons * Intuition where we work with the Dragons, this time, to deepen our intuition. It’s simple really, the Dragons with all their gifts are perfect to help us with embodiment, which connects us to our hearts easier, which aids in trusting our abilities and opens us up to receiving our messages and guidance.

In the 5 weeks we will connect with a minimum of 8 Dragons and cover:

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 5 x Healing Shamanic Journeys / Actrivations
  • Discover and work with 8 Dragons (including your own)
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme
  • Sit in sacredness with the Gentle Warrior Tribe

FREE Solo Drumming for Shamanic Journeys

10 minutes of powerful shamanic drumming with introduction beat, drumming and call back signal to enter trance on your Shamanic journey. Headphones are strongly recommended for this video.

Gentle Warrior

The solo drumming is not music, but holds the power of the drumbeat to take you on a deep shamanic healing trance. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t achieve a journey the first time round, it may take practice.

A few tips to help you on your journey:

  • Use headphones
  • Don’t journey if you have taken mind-altering substances or alcohol
  • Lie down or sit comfortably in a dimly lit or dark room and ensure your mobile phone won’t disrupt you
  • If you are drawn to, light a candle and call on your Ancestors and Guides in heaven that love know and respect you only
  • Set your intent for your journey
  • Adjust the drumming volume so that it’s loud enough as if a drum was beating live a few feet from you, but not too loud that it’s uncomfortable
  • In your minds eye see, feel or just know that you are in your sacred space – a place you have been to before or one that has just appeared now
  • Take a few deep and slow breaths
  • Keep a journal of your experiences at the end of the journey
  • At the end of the journey the drum beat will change, will slow down, signaling you to return to the room

Don’t play this recording in a moving vehicle, while operating heavy machinery, or if you have epileptic tendencies.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living

This is a recording from a live zoom event

Every single client I am working with, colleague I am chatting to, friend and family I am catching up with are expressing how they feel surrounded by fear and uncertainty and how many of them are struggling to find stability and faith through it.

… Janine (Gentle Warrior)

Many are facing illusions that are playing out in virtually every aspect of their lives. These mirrors reflect these stories back to us no matter where we look or try to hide. We are all standing in a collective shadow at the moment which is surrounding us with fear and uncertainty.

On top of that we are being called to shine our light in this shadow, to face the fears and uncertainty and the illusions in order to move forward. We are being called to be in a state of being and not to wait to get through these challenges before finding joy. We are being called to find joy whilst going through all of this and have faith and move forward even though we can’t see the bigger picture.

To navigate through this we need to be in a state of presence and we need to be fully engaged in our bodies. to achieve that we need to be living consciously in our lives.

I’m aware this is easier said than done, which is why in this 5 week program we explore methods and resources to help us accomplish this.


To aid with living consciously we delve deeply into these main elements, but each week there are extra gems that come up in the group discussions:

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 4 x Healing Shamanic Journeys
  • 1 x Activation
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme

Standing in YOUR Power (Healing Shamanic Journey)

This powerful Healing Shamanic Journey was birthed to bring in all the below healing aspects to return you to standing solely in YOUR power…….

Runing time is approximately 20 minutes.

A Deeper Connection

This is a recording from a live zoom event

Connection of some shape and form is something most humans require, it’s part of our basic needs and yet it’s something that most struggle with across some aspects of their spiritual practice.  On top of that we find ourselves in a world where connection is now limited and that dampens our other connection aspects too.


It’s time we ensure we are still using Connection as without it we feel unsafe / unstable, we lose our guidance and our paths are skewed.  We struggle to take ownership for our own lives and find the courage to walk our paths to grab our opportunities.  And if that’s not enough we may form barriers around our hearts that cause us to struggle with connecting to others and share our beautiful magick that we hold.

I’ve channeled this event / program to help you deepen your connection with the …

By watching this replay you will enjoy:

  • 5 x Healing Shamanic Journeys
  • Learn from the teachings channeled by myself
  • Enjoy and learn from the gems that were shared by the participants
  • Receive message and guidance through each theme (4 direct messages)

By deepening your connection you are better placed to:

  • Clear and heal your energy helping with ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  • Be open and receive guidance, our blessings and have an open path available to us as it’s seen through any fog
  • Feel stable and safe in our body and energy helping us to take ownership for ourselves and giving us courage to walk on our paths holding our opportunities
  • Feel  safe and able to connect to others to share your magick

Intuitive Living

Welcome to the Intuitive Living online program, where you will you not only be guided on how to live intuitively, but you have the opportunity of actually doing and implementing your training.

I have channelled this program as many of my clients and Tribe Members keep asking me how I am so connected to my Ancestors and my Intuition.  How my guidance from them is so clear and how I trust them so freely.  They are intrigued by the amount of challenges I receive from them, how my feet barely touch the ground, but how I continue forward and grow even stronger.

Yes I go through challenges and spiritual illnesses just like everybody else, but its how I deal with them that may make a difference. 

It was obvious this program is very much needed so I started my journey with my Ancestors, using their guidance to birth this course.  For them it was important it’s relevant for people of all spiritual levels, whether awakening or ascending, whether practicing light workers or keen to start their own magic journey.

The Intuitive Living program is designed around the way I live my life day to day, based on my very own practices to keep me high vibrational and connected to myself and my Ancestors.

This program will cover how to shift to and live a High Vibrational Life as if you are not you can’t easily communicate to high vibrational beings such as your higher self and Ancestors. 

It will show you how to strengthen your Inner Bond (your Intuition).  If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust your Ancestors and guides for accurate messages? 

Then you are ready to build on your Relationship with your Ancestors to receive their blessings and guidance and to work with them from a level of trust.  What kind of relationship you have with them is important, they don’t take likely to only being called on when in need – neither would your friends or partner. 

Lastly we look at The Tribe, those that support you for exactly who you are.  These awakenings and ascensions are hard when you are going solo.